Bringing data to the art of Business Intelligence

Who we are

Our sector plays a fundamentally important role in Society, giving a voice to millions during key moments of decision making.

This inspires us to offer the very best software & services available. To innovate, share knowledge & promote our sector.

We specialise in survey data. Offering collection, analysis, visualisation & insight.

People people

We love that kick-off chat, the buzz of an engaged audience, and connecting with the great minds around us.

Our name

Bayes Price honours the work of Thomas Bayes and his friend Richard Price. Bayes’ theorem set us on the path to machine learning & it was Price’s publication that communicated it to the world.


What we do


From survey chatbots to in-person interviews, Big Data to unique client lists. We collect, connect, clean and fuse all available data sources.


Our toolkits range from tabulation & correlation, to predictive analytics & machine learning. We simply apply the correct tool to answer your business questions.


We offer the best in data vis. In-person presentations, static reports, and online interactive charts & mapping. Whatever the form, clear communication is always our ethos.


Everything we do is designed to improve clarity of thought. We tailor our services to answer unique business questions and are always guided by our clients’ overall objectives.

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